Motorists to be publicly named and shamed for breaking traffic rules

Be aware! You will soon be publicly named and shamed if you break traffic rules.
The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has said it will start publishing the names of motorists who flout traffic rules in a bid to reduce the vice.
NTSA Road Safety Director, John Muya said most minor traffic offenders fail to attend court and hear their cases, after they are found breaking traffic rules.
Most minor traffic offenders are normally given cash bail or notice to attend court but fail to do so.
Mr Muya said on Monday as quoted by DN.
The road safety director said, the names will be published in local newspapers starting next week.
Some of the minor traffic offences include speeding, overlapping and obstruction.
Mr Muya however move to state clearly that drink-driving is not a minor offence under the law and offenders are therefore not granted cash bail.
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Muya added that the NTSA has intensified checks over the festive season to reduce number of accidents.
Motorists have been cautioned that NTSA will enhance speed checks, drink-driving tests and motor vehicle inspections during the season.
Due to the high number of vehicles on the road during festive season, road accidents also then to increase as well according to NTSA.
Statistics from the authority show 2,655 people were killed in road crashes across the country between January 1 and November 27.
In the same period, 9,335 people were injured in accidents as captured by DN.

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