Mututho Goes After Miraa Chewers With Renewed Zeal

My word, whenever Mututho’s name comes up no one smiles! Not even the Naivasha electorate who booted him. Talk about turning a personal tragedy into a vendetta that is now a national issue (professionalism anyone?).
I think this is the lad for whom this song was created:





But I digress. I came across a rather interesting piece in The Star:




And even though I do not chew miraa I have to say that I can feel the pinch. Honourable Mututho wants us all to suffer for his loss? see, the thing most people are unaware of is that the politician lost his brother to alcoholism and while I sympathize with him, I still feel very strongly about him taking away civil liberties simply because he has a vendetta against alcohol.

Aslong as an individual has attained the age of majority (18 years in most commonwealth countries), he or she should be free to decide the type of life they want. Are we going to become a nation of nannies simply to fulfill one man’s crusade against fun?


The new directive will have miraa chewers unable to enjoy they goat-like pleasure outside of 5 hours in a day. And those hours will be between 5pm-10pm…

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