Mwalimu Rachel Celebrates her Son’s First Birthday In Style! Check Out The Cute Photos

A year ago (give a couple of months), Mwalimu Rachel and the father of her child, her significant other, a rapper whose stage name is K-Letta received a blessing from the Great providence in form of a son whom they named Jabari.


A year on, I cannot believe how much the wee lad has grown, he even has teeth -or maybe I am the one who doesn’t know about baby progression but  that is not to detract from the main story; the couple celebrated the handsome wee lad with a birthday party that they hosted. And they each invited their close friends and family members and I have the pictures of the party. Check it out below:




The birthday boy, Jabari Johnson Onsore



K-Letta with his son.


Mwalimu Rachel with her son, her most important student.



Talia, her husband Ezekiel, their son Lyric and Jabari.



Mwalimu Rachel and her girl pals.



K-Letta with his boys.


The mums jamming with Lyric



Mwalimu Rachel chilling with a sisters.



Dela Mbaya and Wanini



The couple and their son cut the cake.

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