“Nani Alichotwa Na Willy Pozzee?” Intoxicated Singer Spills The Beans On Video

Singer Noti Flow is still not over the beating she got from her colleague a few months ago. She has made it her business to annoy Pendo who of late has been awfully quiet and peaceful.




The king of controversy

In a recent club appearance made by Noti flow at Natives the lady spilled information about her archenemy that left many sipping their drinks for more details.

Noti who was really high on whiskey or is it Vodka dropped some few bars from her latest song before she shouted,

“Nani alikulwa na Willy Pozzee?? PENDO alikulwa na Willy Pozzee”

Judging from her behavior the lass was higher than a kite and her twerking attempt was proof enough, if not the funny long strides she was taking on stage.

Is this proof that rapper Noti is still pissed off with Pendo or is it a marketing strategy to keep herself relevant?




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