Robert Alai Gets Video Of Jaguar, Sonko And Paul Kobia Allegedly THREATENING TO KILL Raila Odinga Over The Referendum Call

My word!

I am neither Bogonko Bosire (who is still missing) nor am I Roy Kohadha Ogalla (may the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace) and I am not bullet proof.

But this story is explosive, no Osama! too soon? Meh!
I just saw a post on Robert Alai’s wall about Sonko and jaguar discussing killing Raila Odinga and I had to look it up. And this is how Robert Alai broke the explosive allegations:



Not one to take things at face value, I sought out either video or recorded evidence and see, the thing about Robert Alai is that love him or hate him, he is always on point! He wrote the Blogger’s Bible and I subscribe to his edition.

This is a video he released to support his allegations:



The people in the video are clearly allegedly Kabogo, Jaguar, Sonko And Paul Kobia. This shocking footage I reiterate were courtesy of Robert Alai. If this video is indeed authentic (which our videographer says it is) then the only question is why on earth Jaguar agreed to be in such a situation!


 Robert Alai has since clarified that Bishop Allan Kiuna is not involved in this. It is infact the Helicopter Ministries guy. I wish to apologize to Bishop Kiuna for any embarrassment my piece might have caused.

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