Sauti Sol apologize to the president for putting him on the spot in regards to Studio Mashinani and Kenyans are not happy…including this radio presenter from Royal Media

A few weeks back Bien of Sauti Sol hit social and put it all ablaze after claiming he and his fellow band members had been stolen from.

Of course this caught the attention of all of us and we were yearning to have a go at the thieves…who dares still from our boys; the only boys who have made at attempt to break the international barrier in terms of music?

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He narrated of how they had come up with a concept, did the paper work and gave the right people to implement it; by the right people I mean the president of this country, his Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta.

They claimed that their idea was now under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information and they were not slightly involved and for that they needed an explanation.

Those were serious accusations and he promised to divulge more!

Sauti Sol with president Uhuru
Sauti Sol and President Uhru at a previous event

We waited and waited up until Saturday 25th March, when they issued a statement-not as Bien but as Sauti Sol.

The wind had changed and they wanted to apologize to the president for obviously making him look bad and claimed that they had engaged the Ministry of Information and realized they all shared the same purpose and mission.

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This statement was not received with much Pumper and glamour and majority of their fans felt like they had sold out… that they give in to the whims of the government. Some gentleman who happens to be a radio presenter and Royal Media Services went ahead to suggest they got in bed with a corrupt government and actually caved.

The true fans on the other hand understood where they were coming from and wished them well. Check out the statement and some of the comments:





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