Sonko to apologise to Kidero for calling him a murderer

Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko will have to apologize to Nairobi governor, Dr. Evans Kidero for calling him a murderer.
A Senate committee has found Sonko guilty of verbally assaulting Dr. Kidero and says he should be made to apologise.
The Public Accounts Committee also confirmed there was a scuffle between Sonko and Kidero on June 15 however the scuffle did not fulfil the definition of actual danger.
Sonko got a reprieve as the committee absolved him of allegations that he physically assaulted Kidero on June 15.
Sonko had called Kidero a murder and a thief in land disputes and previously refused to say sorry.
chairman and Kisumu Senator Anyang Nyong’o said.
He went on,
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According to the report, physical assault involves a threat or attempt to inflict offensive physical contact or bodily harm on a person that puts the person in immediate danger or in apprehension of such harm or contact.
the report read.
The committee recommended the Hansard record reflecting the altercation and allegations made by Sonko against Kidero be expunged from committee records.
In June, Kidero filed a complaint, with Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro citing during a meeting with the EACC.
Kidero and his officers were being questioned over 2013-14 spending by the senate committee when trouble started after Sonko made a presentation on land rates, which he claimed were illegal.
Sonko said a woman had been evicted from her Sh2 million property and murdered.
The recommendations are in its investigations report tabled last Thursday, the Star reported.

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