Crime and Justice is one of the best shows Kenya has ever produced

When you think of crime shows, we often think of American shows. Rarely if ever do we think of Kenyan shows. Infact, if you were, you would be forgiven for probably only think of the golden age show, Tahamaki.

But Kenyans have come a long way in the production of their TV shows and Crime & Justice is proof of this fact. And to make the show a hit, it only made sense for the team that envisioned it to seek out and work with some of the most talented Kenyan actors of our generation. The show which stars Sarah Hassan and Alfred Munyua is definitely something to get excited about.

Crime and Justice is premised around a pair of fictitious police detectives called Silas and Makena who are trying to keep the streets of Nairobi safe and the stuff they have to deal with. And trust me when I say Sarah Hassan and Alfred Munyua deliver with some of the best acting not only of their careers but that I have ever seen.

The beauty of the show is that it has successfully married talented and inspired acting with a great script and plot that sees it move beyond being a shoot-em-up style of police show and focuses on the procedures they have to employ to including trusting their gut feelings and following the thread of evidence to build cases. You get to see the Kenyan police force and its detectives as human beings employing their wit and intelligence in every aspect of their job. That means we get to delve into evidence collection and forensic processes, arrest and interrogation as well as them testifying in court to try and seal a conviction.

The cases they have taken up so far are also very interesting and varied and include love gone sour in “The Mistress” which is a rather unique approach for a Kenyan crime show. It artfully blends the drama of love turned sour with crime in such a believable manner to give you a brilliant introduction to Crime and Justice.

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