Milestone: How Does it Feel to Buy and Drive your First Car?

A man buying their first car is a milestone that feels straight out of this world. Do not for a moment equate that to bourgeois issues like a man’s first love or kiss.

The first time you get in your car. How does it smell? You run your fingers through the textures. Leather? Fabric?

You start it – let it idle for a few minutes as you bask in pure awe that you finally got to own one.

Then, you drive it. You go fast. You go over the speed limit the very first time. You make the engine roar with unnecessary raves – and think “Wow! I can’t believe this is happening!”

Content Creators Njugush and wife Celestine pose with a newly acquired Matatu van. (Photo: Njugush)

You spend hours sitting in that car, chatting up friends.

Any chance you get to reverse, you subconsciously become your father: Ignore the mirrors, drape your hand over the front passenger seat as you reverse…. It is an awesome feeling!

At home, while in parking – you cannot sit still. You go to the window to check it out every five minutes, like: Is it actually there or is this just a dream? Is THAT really my car?

It is there, and yes – that’s your car! It is an overwhelming feeling. Finally, you get the feeling of the gods having smiled upon you.

Biko Zulu writes:

It’s a big thing, your first car. My first car was a Toyota E100, 1300 CC, or something like that.
I was 27. It was a basic car with a basic shape designed by a Japanese fellow called Akihiko Saito with a Ph.D. in Engineering.

I thought I would never fall in love with another car again. It was white and faster than light. I don’t recall if the AC worked or not. I know the brakes did, and that’s all the expectation you had of your car; could you stop when you needed to stop? The back left door had a problem, couldn’t open from the outside.

I had to lean all the way, between the front seats, to open it. It felt grown up to do that. It felt grown up to do something I saw my dad do when I was a child; hold the passenger seat as I reversed looking back.

It was just me and my old Toyota E100 with about 200 million kilometers on it. But what a beauty that carried beauties. Man, the memories!

In nine out of ten times, it is an uphill task achieving that first milestone.

It often calls for months of saving, living hand-to-mouth to even get enough to lay down as the deposit – or to build enough credit score with the banks to qualify for car financing.

Luckily, Co-op Bank has risen to the occasion, making your car dream come true.

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Select the vehicle that best suits them, and walk into a Co-op Bank branch to get the financing they need for the car.

It’s that simple.

Features of the Co-op Bank Pre-Owned Car Financing?

  • The loan will enable you to purchase a private vehicle that is pre-owned
  • The car has to be a maximum of 8 years old
  • Fees applicable include: Appraisal/Negotiation fees, Insurance fees, Motor Vehicle Valuation and Tracking fees
  • Repayment period of between 60 months to 96 months.The vehicle being purchased acts as the Security.

What are the requirements needed

  • Applicant’s ID and KRA PIN Certificate
    Latest 3 months’ certified Pay slips
  • Latest 6 months’ bank statements (if you’re not banking with us)
  • Copies of employment contract, or letter of appointment / Letter of Introduction from the employer
  • Motor Vehicle Sales Agreement/Proforma Invoice
  • Copy of Logbook/Import Documents/NTSA search records
  • Original valuation report from approved valuer in the Bank’s panel

It is about time you made it happen.

Apply now for Co-op Bank Pre-owned Car Financing. Just fill in this application form, attach the requirements and hit ‘Submit’.

Easier still, walk into your nearest Co-op Bank branch.

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