How has spiced up the weekend with funky gaming promotions!

April 23, 2022 at 11:32
How has spiced up the weekend with funky gaming promotions!

Kenya’s newest betting platform Shabiki.Com is driving customers crazy with its weekend promotions Supa Sato and Double Sunday.

The company has been reporting figures of gargantuan proportions during weekends as there have been steady streams of customers to the platform on Saturdays and Sundays due to the incentives that the platform offers.

Speaking to blogs recently, Shabiki.Com Marketing Manager Tom Bwana attributed their weekend upsurge in numbers to the offers on their platform. Marketing Manager Tom Bwana in a past awards event.

“Customers respond to unique selling points. At we pride ourselves in giving our customers a reason to believe in us.

The Supa Sato for example is an ingenious initiative to ensure our customers do not lose in entirety. We felt that when a customer places a long multibet, we shouldn’t punish that customer if only one team in the multibet fails to go through.” Says a visibly elated Bwana.

Shabiki.Com Supa Sato features a percentile stake-back in case a customer loses only one game in a multibet.

This consolation is seen by many gaming customers to be more incentivising than carrot-and-stick.

The platform’s Double Sunday promotion aims at doubling all deposits that customers make on Sunday, something that Tom Bwana says is aimed at cushioning customers from unnecessary losses.

“Our business model is fashioned at being as close as possible to our customers. We want to be a part of them. We want to give them incentives so they feel a part of us too. It is for this reason that the Double Sunday rewards everyone who deposits and plays with us on Sundays.” Bwana adds.

The betting firm launched its sportsbook in March this year and there has been a frenzy in customer acquisition on the platform. One of the reactions from customers on social media has been speed.

The new betting platform has, without a doubt, the fastest gaming website in terms of loading time, an aspect that endears it to users especially considering low internet speeds in Kenya, if online reviews is anything to go by.


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