Mjengo man winner of Ksh9M Kileleshwa house as curtains come down on Omoka na Moti Promotion.

January 04, 2022 at 18:42
Mjengo man winner of Ksh9M Kileleshwa house as curtains come down on Omoka na Moti Promotion.

Curtains spectacularly came down on the biggest ever promotion in Kenya’s betting landscape – Omoka na Mori Daily plus Hao.

A construction laborer Stephen Murigi Munene of Kiambu County emerged as the overall winner of the ultimate prize – a Ksh9,000,000 apartment in Nairobi’s much sought-after affluent neighborhood of Kileleshwa.

The promotion came to a glorious conclusion at the end of December with all 31 cars on offer being claimed by lucky punters while Murigi Munene got the additional apartment for emerging with the biggest odds during the entire month of December 2021.

On Tuesday 4th January 2021, three of the final gamers, Querren Muyuka, Johnson Muhota and John Gitau were confirmed as the winners of the daily motor vehicle giveaways for 27th, 30th and 31st December.

The final trio did not upset the balance which had Murigi Munene atop the leaderboard with a winning ticket bearing combined odds of 19,729 on Christmas Day.

Mozzart Bet, Sponsors of the titanic promotion that spread so much love during the festive period – are in the process of concluding vehicle registrations and ownership documentation for the prizes, including the apartment for final handover.

Mozzart Bet are contemplating an even better offer in the year 2022 to celebrate and reward outstanding gamers in Kenya.

Muyuka and Gitau were presented with brand new Renault Kwid models while Muhota added a Proton Saga to his parking lot after amassing the highest odds on 27th, 30th and 31st respectively.

Muhota, a 39-year-old photocopier technician photocopies, was delighted to win a car and encouraged the public to make Mozzart Bet their go-to betting site.

“I’m very happy to be one of the Omoka na Moti winners, I would like to tell those who don’t use Mozzart to start using it because their time for winning will come soon.

I’m yet to decide what I will do with the car but the money has been used on Christmas festivities and I’ve also saved some for January,” said the father of one.

Muyuka owns a boutique in Kakamega town and plans to open up a bakery after completing a baking technology course could not hide her joy after being the first in her family to own a car.

“I’m really excited to have won a car, finally our family will get to own a car because my brothers are yet to buy one. I used the money to buy stock for my boutique and I plan to make the car my personal car.

I’m not really into betting but I do it out of curiosity, my cousin helps me to bet because I’m not a fan of football. I have already split some of the cash with my cousin,” said the boutique owner.

Muyuka encouraged those who are yet to win big from betting to continue doing so and asked ladies to also take up betting which knows no gender.

John Gitau, a 41-year-old mjengo worker is contemplating selling the car and pumping the money into his businesses as he became the final winner of the Omoka na Moti promotion.

“God blessed me with a car on 31st December and for those who are usually sceptical about such promotions, I would urge them to try and I can confess that Mozzart Bet services are the best,”

This car will help me but I would prefer to have cash to boost my business so I might consider selling it and get the cash,” said the Manchester United fan.


SANAWA ZADOCK KIGINGA –  ODDS 466.31   BETID 1976-02999384-0926

JURGENS LUCHESI SHISAKHA – ODDS 2210.96  BETID – 1976-02999070-3575

JOSEPH CHEBURET– ODDS 2839.81 BETID  1977-02999644-7609

SIMON AIRO – ODDS 810.98 – BETID  1977-02003393-6742

JULIUS KIPCHUMBA KIPSANG – ODDS 1762.38  – BETID – 1977-02999918-3957

LENNOX SHIMANYULA – ODDS 311.6 – BETID  1977-02999123-6033

DUNCAN LUMUMBA – ODDS 3401.99 – BETID 1977-02999636-9379

IAN OKINDA SHIPIMILU – ODDS 1609.26 – BETID 1978-02999538-9036

BONFACE OKUMU – ODDS 1276.12 – BETID 1978-02999072-0953

AGAPITUS SAIKOLI – ODDS 10696.45 – BETID 1979-02999554-1547

GEORGE NGIGE – ODDS 4417.89 – BETID 1979-02999282-7973

EVANS OTIENO  ODDS – 1631.43 –  BETID 1979-02999453-0975

RACHAEL KASONGO MUYANGU – ODDS 2718.59 BETID 1979-02999867-8116

APOLLO RUGUMI – ODDS 559.39 BETID 1980-02999649-0583

MAXWELL JUMA  – ODDS 1362.88 BETID 1980-02999760-2029

VICTOR OTIENO OWITI – ODDS 2980.9 BETID 1980-02999386-2699

MERCY AWINO OPIYO -ODDS 948.73 BETID 1981-02999766-8204

JULIUS MUNENE NYAGA -ODDS 7296.54  BETID 1981-02999276-7021

SAMSON OBISI OLWANGU-ODDS  913.17  BETID 1981-02999370-2828

ELIUD  MAFURA – ODDS 1909.66 BETID 1981-02999252-0023

ISAIAH GORO OPIYO -ODDS 1376.09  BETID 1982-02999989-8310

CLAIRE CHEBET – ODDS 1063.27 BETID 1982-02999009-3089

ALFRED  OUMA – ODDS 2209.69 BETID  1982-02999677-6308

DUNCAN NDEGWA -ODDS 1166.61  BETID  1983-02999809-0794

STEPHEN MURIGI MUNENE -ODDS 18127.58  BETID  1983-02999289-9909

ASTRID AMUNGA SWAKA – ODDS – 1102.45 BETID 1983-02999277-2121

QUERREN MUYUKA – ODDS – 1069.92 BETID 1983-02999456-7789

ERICK MARTIN WAFULA – ODDS – 692.01 BETID 1984-02999805-7825

KEVIN OTIENO – ODDS – 353.90 – BETID 1984-02999393-0659

JOHN MUHOTA – ODDS – 1535.93 – BETID 1984-02999205-9307

JOHN GITAU NGUGI – ODDS – 873.97 – BETID 1985-02999555-4468


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