Njugush looking to become the next East African fashion mogul

Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda have announced that they have set up their own clothing brand called Be Knit. It was launched back in 2021 and their family features heavily in every aspect of the brand, from designing the clothes to marketing the brand.

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It is actually really cute to see them also incorporate their wee baby into the mix. But aside from that, this is actually big business as he is looking to cash in on his celebrity status but there are several things I would wish to see him do to secure his bag beyond this period in time when his star is at its zenith.

You see, Njuguna needs to understand that there are two main business strategies he can use to permeate the Kenyan market and all have different risks and rewards but ultimately his goals will determine which path he takes.

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He could potentially stick to keeping his products (which by the way are awesome) on an online store where people will have to order for themselves and he handles the delivery once the transaction is reflected on his end.

This would mean that he would have to create an online store (really a website) that he and his wife directly handle and respond to clients’ orders directly. This strategy minimizes his overheads significantly as he can run the business from the comfort of his home. So Njugush could also continue to churn out content even as he sells his clothing line.

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That would also mean that he has to handle the online marketing of the brand and engage with clients’ responses as well as seek to convert on the fence online shoppers into actual clients by living where the conversation is at.

Or he could go the more traditional route and partner with a supermarket or retailer. What this allows him to do is to sell directly to customers while they are doing their monthly or weekly grocery shopping or by marketing the brand to window shoppers.

The only thing with this approach is that Njugush and his wife would have to partner with the retail giants and they would definitely want a cut of the profits. As a result, the cost of the products would increase.

While these are the two conventional methods of selling clothing brands, he could also opt for an amalgamation of the two. Depending on his negotiating skills, he could have his clothing brand, Be Knit carried by all leading retail stores aswell as sell them directly to the clients. But with such deals, the devil is in the detail and his power to make such deals is entirely dependent on whether or not he has a silver tongue.

But that is a very good problem to have. And hopefully, he can grow his business to the point he diversifies the clothes he has on offer from sweaters to cardigans and much, much more. And if you, like Njugush are a business that is looking to establish itself online then one of the headaches you will face is payment processing of online transactions.

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