No Stress for Parents! Six easy and safe ways to pay school fees for your kids!

April 29, 2022 at 18:21
No Stress for Parents! Six easy and safe ways to pay school fees for your kids!

As learners report back to their respective institutions, parents are under pressure to set all systems right. The kids have to report back to school on time. There are several hurdles.

How do they raise the required school fees? Yet again, how do they remit the needed school fees effectively, safely and conveniently to various learning institutions?

Co-op Bank has laid down various well-oiled mechanisms to see that parents have easy access to funds to cater for their children’s shopping and school fees. In addition, parents can conveniently remit school fees for their children to various institutions across the country and cater for their upkeep while they are in school.

Co-op Bank has revamped a range of online banking solutions to ensure that parents shop and remit fees for their children as schools reopen.

Below are effective online solutions from Co-op bank that are effective and convenient for parents to ensure that they access and remit school fees for their children.

  1. M-Pesa PayBill

To pay your child’s school fees conveniently via M-Pesa PayBill:

  • Go to Lipa na M-Pesa (PayBill)
  • Enter Business Code 400222
  • Enter Account Number as the School Code, next press # followed by the student number, for example, 1469#10023478989 (NB: Click hereto confirm your school’s coordinates)
  • Enter amount
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  • Confirm transaction

Receive SMS confirming a successful transaction.

  1. MCo-opCash

While paying for school fees via MCo-opCash:

  • Log into your MCo-opCash App
  • Select Other Payments
  • Select School Fees
  • Enter your school business number or school code/; click here to confirm your school’s coordinates
  • Enter the account to transact from
  • Enter the student number
  • Confirm your transaction

Receive SMS notification confirming the transaction is complete.

  1. Co-op Internet Banking

If you have registered for Co-op internet banking, you

  • Log in to Co-op Internet Banking
  • Select ‘Bank Transfer’
  • Enter the school’s account and student details
  • Confirm the transfer
  • Confirm transaction and print out the receipt
  1. PesaLink

If you’re paying school fees from your Co-op Bank account to a different bank account, you can link your bank account to access the following PesaLink services:

  • Co-op Kwa Jirani Agents
  • Co-op Bank ATMs
  • Co-op Bank Mobile Banking (MCo-opCash)
  • Different Co-op Bank branches

To gain access to PesaLink services, here is a quick guide:

– Launch the MCo-opCash App or dial *667# to access MCo-opCash from your phone

– Select PesaLink

– Link your mobile number to your Co-op Bank account

PesaLink is a free service with zero charges when linking your bank accounts.

  1. Co-op Kwa Jirani

If you don’t have a Co-op Bank account, you can deposit your child’s school fees directly to the school account at the nearby Co-op Kwa Jirani agent. You no longer have to send your children to school with liquid cash. So be on the safe side.

Co-op Kwa Jirani services are available at your nearest local market or town.

  1. Co-op Student’s Card

Long gone are the days of broken boxes and stolen pocket money. Your child does not need liquid cash while in school. We all know how it goes in schools; things can get nasty.

With Co-op Student’s Card, your child is issued a pre-paid Visa card that can mean a lifeline while in session. Your child can purchase goods from the school canteen via a Process Data Quickly (PDQ) machine.

In addition, you can cap a monthly or weekly limit to a specific figure as per your budget. If your child needs access to liquid cash during school breaks, they can withdraw funds from any co-operative Bank ATM or a nearby Co-op Agent.

To access a Co-op Student’s Card, visit any Co-op Bank branch with the following documents for processing:

  • Student’s school ID
  • Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Parents ID
  • Parents KRA Pin

Parents can top up their children’s Co-op Visa Cards via Co-op Kwa Jirani, Mpesa PayBill or direct transfer from their accounts.

Why risk sending your child to school with loads of cash for shopping? Students can use the Co-op Student Card to pay for their shopping as they head to school. Either way, you can pay for their shopping using your Co-op Visa Credit or Debit Card at zero cost.

School fees payment has never been much more straightforward. Are you still stuck up in the analogue era?

Sign up with Co-op Bank today to enjoy these fantastic and convenient services.


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