Showmax’s Crime and Justice explores terrorism in a bold new episode

You know how we have just come from the long Pasaka Weekend? Well, I was looking forward to it for something else; a guilty pleasure if you will. I was looking forward to the latest episode of my favourite show, Crime and Justice.

And boy does it deliver. It actually also got me thinking about how Kenyans rant and rave about shows such as “24” and “Blacklist” yet do not give our own homegrown talents the same opportunity to blow our minds because trust me when I tell you that everything about this show is stellar!

Showmax Crime and Justice

We have Sarah Hassan, John Sibi-Okumu, Alfred Munyua and the rest of the cast that are immensely talented. the acting is not overdone nor is it plastic. You even get excited with every twist and turn of the episode as you live through the experiences of our favourite detectives.

Showmax Crime and Justice
Detectives Silas and Makena

And seeing Kenyan locations that you can relate to adds to the excitement because everything feels that much more immersive and authentic. But back to the most recent episode called “Homegrown” and as the name suggests, it is a rather creative take on terrorism that might have found rich soil to take root in at our universities.

The episode does not shy away from bluntly portraying Kenya’s procedural police work and the fact that the two detectives have made peace with the fact that they have to do everything within their power to keep their city safe.

What’s more is that Showmax allows you to get to watch this great show and a whole host of others for just three hundred and eighty shillings. That’s right, 380. Check it out here.


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