Wazee hukumbuka: Remebering the most exciting day of school

April 28, 2021 at 09:38
Wazee hukumbuka: Remebering the most exciting day of school

When you think back to your high school days, which days stood up as the most exciting? Most would think straight to closing day but for me one day sticks up above all others and that was the first day of school.

School used to close for about a month back when I was in high school. During those holidays, I would get up to a lot of adventures and having fun with my family and neighbourhood friends.

We would play video games (PS4 had just landed in Kenya) and I would try as much as possible to catch the latest movies and when I would be reporting back to school, I would be excited to compare notes with my bestfriends.

I hadn’t seen them for so long so we would spend all of our free time catching up. Who had had the most awesome holiday? Who had caught the latest series or movies? Who had heard the latest songs? Who had learnt the most sheng?

And it’s the little things like those that I lived for. But the older I became, the more appreciative I became of the fact that all of this was made possible through the sacrifice and planning of my parents.

You see, my parents would plan ahead of time for me to be able to go shopping for the stationary I would need that term. That included school books, math sets and pens. And then there was the question of school fees.

And now Co-op Bank has come through with an excellent plan for how you too can plan for your child’s return to school now that the April holiday has drawn to a close. You too can plan to ensure you give your child the best start to the school term.

And with the current situation, making sure you get school fees through on time could very well be a challenge but Co-op Bank has come up with a solution that allows you to not only make school fees payments conveniently but safely too and in a timely fashion via MCo-opCash.

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