What are the benefits of exploiting payment options offered by the Co-op Bank e-Commerce platform?

Co-op bank has greatly revamped their e-Commerce platform to assist businesses meet the increased demand from customers in going cashless.

Going cashless has a lot of benefits. Besides being a vital prop in the fight against Covid-19 which has higher chances of spread in the exchange of cash, there are other benefits.

What’s on offer on the e-Commerce platform?

Online card payments

Boost your sales by integrating into our online card payment solution to receive card payments from customers from different banks and from anywhere in the world. These are Coop Bank ATM’s, Debit or Credit Cards. All payments for purchases or goods delivered can easily be checked off by swiping these cards.

With card payments, it’s easier to track stock levels, and enjoy an easy check out flow.


Forget the fancy jargon. This refers to a device which interfaces with payment cards to make electronic funds transfers. They are very popular in malls, supermarkets and fuel stations.

It’s basically a payment terminal. POS stands for Point Of Sale in a business outlet. PDQ stands for ‘Process Data Quickly’.

Coop Bank avails PDQ/POS machines to their clients. These machines greatly boost sales by enabling them receive card payments from customers from different banks.

A trader enjoys timely reports, easier tracking of income and expenses.

Lipa Na M-Pesa Till Number

Co-op Bank takes pleasure in service, as seen by the offer to process a till number for their client’s businesses, at no charge.

This helps a business to receive cashless payments via Lipa na M-Pesa Till Number. The money received through the Till number is deposited directly into the client’s Co-op Bank account.

The payments paid into the account can be accessed anytime via Co-op Bank’s mobile banking platform, ATMs, Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, Internet banking or at any branch across the republic.

M-Pesa Paybill 400200

The M-Pesa Paybill number 400200 enables a trader to receive payments directly into their Co-op Bank account. The money reflects into the account immediately.

One can also check for the payment confirmation via our mobile banking or internet banking platforms. Alternatively, one can receive notifications via text if they have subscribed to the MCo-op Cash SMS notifications.

The funds are accessible anytime via our mobile banking platform, Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, ATMs, Internet banking or at the branch.

M-Coop Cash

This feature is not limited to business owners, but to everyone with a Co-op bank account.

It’s applicable to all needs that require exchange of money. Encourage colleagues, family members, clients or business associates who have Co-op Bank accounts to send money directly account using the MCo-op Cash App or via USSD *667#.

How does a business boost sales?

  • Easier tracking of expenses.
  • Timely business reports.
  • Easy check out flow.
  • Instant payment confirmation via SMS notifications or via internet banking platform.
  • Payments are deposited into Co-op Bank account – easy access anytime via mobile banking platform, ATMs, Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, internet banking and at the branch

Visit the nearest Co-op Bank branch to learn more on e-Commerce, or check online by clicking here.

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