The 28 Year Old Gigolo Singer Who Married A Worn Out White Cougar Ditches Her For A Young Babe After Landing In Europe (Photos)

Typical gold-digger, anyway which man would want to be waking up to a wrinkled face for the rest of his life when he is still young and energetic? He did what was best for him!!

Sometimes in August last year, Ugandan singer Ronald Samawere popularly known as Guvnor Ace, took the whole world by surprise when he exchanged vows with an ageing white mommy, Mona Lisa Larsson.

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Apparently the Ugandan gigolo dumped the Swedish cougar after he landed in continental Europe where he scored himself a young babe he now wants to settle down with.

Guvnor’s legal wife says the Ugandan singer dumped her for a young Ugandan lady. The jilted Ms Larsson says her young hubby is now seeking political asylum in Norway with the other African women he wants to marry.

Larsson took to the social media to expose her fleeing hubby:


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