Uncle Chim Tuna Goes Partying In Gypsys: Where Blacks, Indians And Whites Pretend To Party Together But Beware The Guns!

On Saturday night, as usual, or rather as has become my norm once again, I was out and about. Seeing as I am in the twilight years of my party days, I figured I needed to change my pace and head out to someplace convenient for my old self.

You see, the thing about me is that I am about to turn 26 (November 22nd) and I am about to enter the “old foggies” club. But before that, I shall enjoy my youth (preferably in an age appropriate club). And to this end, I elected to go out to Gypsy’s in Westlands.
For those of you who do not know, this club was closed down for renovation and when it re-opened, it seems to have shed alot about it’s past. For a long time this was an expatriate club for homosexuals but that doesn’t seem to be the norm anymore.

Do not get me twisted, it’s still an expatriate club but it seems to have toned down it’s flamboyance. I was however unperturbed by what I found to have been it’s former reputation. I personally do not feel any type of way about homo or heterosexuals.

Anyway, the first thing Uncle Chim Tuna noticed was the lack of colour and by colour I mean black. Stepping into the club was akin to stepping into a pub in Toronto what with the sizable Indian crowds there.
And a friend of mine who frequents the joint made a point of warning me not to get entangled in a fight at the club with either an Indian or a white because irrespective of whomever had started the fight, blacks will always be the ones kicked out. Hmmm….


But away from that, a fight did indeed break out and when it did, what shocked me was the fact that not one but two patrons at the club had guns! One was part of the entourage that was fighting but to his credit, he was only drinking water and juice and he was infact the guy that smoothed things over.

Anyway, after realizing the number of gun carriers in the club (and I do not care whether they are licensed or not), I have vowed never to go back! To be honest, that is a disaster waiting to happen. Just imagine what would have happened had cooler heads not prevailed!

Actually, the atmosphere at the club has a false sense of friendliness -the veneer that all the races are treated as equals by the waiters/waitresses but we found that this is not the case. We were seated next to Indians and whites and I had to dance the “macarena” everytime I wanted to order a beer. Needless to say, I only bought two beers and decided to leave. Baba Ghafla had left earlier because of how uncomfortable he was.


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