Vanessa Chettle Parties In Mombasa, Copious Amounts Of Bhangi Involved (PHOTOS)

Vanessa Chettle is one of the biggest party animals I have ever had the pleasure of partying with. Trust that she is always the life of the party and what more would you ask for when you’re out and about? The diminutive lass is quite the party starer! Actually, nay, she is the party.


And while on vacation in Coast province, she has been having a ball posing in her ;bikinis -Lord knows he blessed her with a find bikini booty but before I digress, let me get back into what this story is about.

The lass has been having a ball partying with her friends and smoking copious amount of bhangi but then again, while you’re young, be young -no, this is not a Y.O.L.O speech but the simple truth, have fun while you’re young enough to enjoy life with close to zero responsibilities. Check her and her friends out below:



This photo though… I am not feeling the least bit pervy!


ood Good girls aint no fun!


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