Winners of the UEFA European Championship. Top 10


Winners of the UEFA European Championship. Top 10

The UEFA European Championship, better known as EURO, is a sporting event that unites countries and fans from all over Europe. National teams strive for the coveted trophy, while fans experience the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat. This makes EURO a unique event in the sporting calendar. The first edition of the tournament took place in 1960. Since then, this competition has become the main one on the European continent. The best teams fight for the title of champions in intense and emotional battles.


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The Greek national team has forever written its name in the history of the UEFA European Championship. Greece made a real sensation by winning the tournament in 2004. No one expected a team that was considered an outsider to lift the trophy. But through strategy, resilience, and determination, the Greek players conquered the pinnacle of European football.


Greece 2004 is remembered for its uncompromising defensive style of play. The Greeks demonstrated that even a team with relatively low expectations can stand up to the most formidable opponents. Greece’s victory at the EURO became a source of inspiration for new generations of players.


The Danish national team won the EURO in 1992. Although initially, they did not even qualify. Denmark replaced Yugoslavia, which was excluded because of a military conflict. The Danes made excellent use of this chance. 


On the way to triumph, the Danish team passed such giants as Germany and the Netherlands. The story of the Danes became legendary in football and turned Denmark into a symbol of unstoppability and a real fighting spirit. Denmark’s victory in 1992 greatly influenced the new generation of players and contributed to the development of football infrastructure in Denmark.


In 1960, the Soviet Union won the inaugural UEFA European Championship. The USSR team played a key role in shaping the character and dynamics of the tournament. Their outstanding skills and strategy enabled them to overcome challenges and succeed.


The USSR’s triumph in 1960 had a significant impact on Soviet football. This success catalyzed football development in the Soviet Union and inspired new generations of players and football talent.


The predecessor of the modern Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, won the UEFA European Championship trophy in 1976. In a thrilling final, the Czechoslovak defeated West Germany in a penalty shootout.


The Czechoslovakia of 1976 was a national team full of football masters and great game strategists. Stars of that era, such as Antonin Panenka, contributed to the tournament’s history and created incredible moments. Czechoslovakia’s victory in 1976 cemented its status as one of the significant football nations.


The Netherlands won the UEFA European Championship gold medal in 1988. In that period, they epitomized the “golden generation” of Dutch football. The names of great players such as Marco van Basten, Ruud Gullit, and Frank Rijkaard are associated with it. Their talent, passion, and excellence on the pitch led to winning the championship title.


The Netherlands’ victory in 1988 left a deep mark on the development of football culture. Total Football’s playing style inspired many teams and players in the following decades.


Portugal won the UEFA European Championship in 2016. This triumph was a symbol of the perseverance and football skills of the Portuguese national team.


Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest footballers of his generation, played a key role in the victory. His technique, skill, and leadership qualities were the determining factors in Portugal’s successful performance. 


At the same time, the contribution of the entire Portuguese national team to this victory should not be belittled. Their dedication, determination, and hard work laid the foundation for a great triumph at the EURO.


Italy is a two-time winner of the UEFA European Championship. The Italian national team won the competition in 1968 and 2021. 


The Italian national team has always been known for its unique style of play, which is based on solid defense and tactical flexibility. The defensive style of Italian football is known by the term “Catenaccio”. It has become a model for many teams around the world. The impact of this football philosophy is evident in the refined tactical decisions and the ability to control the game. Italy has also contributed significantly to the cultural aspects of football.


France has established its place in UEFA European Championship history by winning the tournament twice. The first win was in 1984, and the second in 2000. 


France’s victories have been packed with emotional moments and landmark achievements. Stars such as Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane, and Thierry Henry became symbols of French football.


France played a key role in the development of world football. Its attacking style, technical preparation, and ability to unite talents into a single team significantly impacted world football.


The German national team has repeatedly delighted the football world. The Germans won the UEFA European Championship in 1972, 1980 and 1996. These three triumphs reflected not only the team’s skill, but also its ability to maintain an outstanding level of play over the decades.


The EURO triumphs were the catalyst for the modernization of the football system, the introduction of new training methods, and the development of football infrastructure. Germany has built a strong, competitive system, continuing its influence on football worldwide.


The Spanish national team won three UEFA European Championship trophies: in 1964, 2008, and 2012. However, in the XXI century, the Spanish revolutionized football and became a dominant force in Europe and the world.


Spain is deservedly famous for its unique play style, called “Tiki-taka”. A high level of ball possession, precise passes, and quick player position changes characterize this style. The Spanish national team ushered in a new era for football. This period led to the introduction of new standards in the development of football strategy.

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Every national team has left its ineffable mark on the minds of fans. Stories of endless matches, golden generations of players, and incomparable moments have become integral to our perception of football. EURO victories have become a source of inspiration for future generations. The tournament’s impact extends beyond the fields and has become a symbol of unity, passion, and the power of sport.


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