Comparison between Kenrazy’s Latest Track and “Tichi”

December 13, 2012 at 07:20

You remember when Kenrazy released “Tichi” back in 2007 it went on to become a massive tune in the country. He’s back with yet another track, “Kura Burndem” that’s also expected to take the country by storm. So here are the top ten comparisons between the two jams;

#1 Tichi video dropped on 12:12:07; KURA BURNDEM released yesterday, 12:12:12

#2 Tichi dropped on an election year 2007 – 2008; KURA BURNDEM election
year 2012 – 2013

#3 Tichi was done at a new production house then JOMINO; KURA BURNDEM was
done at PACHO ENT [also a rising studio now].

#4 Tichi was KenRazy 5years ago; KURA BURNDEM is KenRazy 5yrs later (hence maturity).

#5 Tichi’s both audio and video were free of charge; KURA BURNDEM audio
cost Sh10000 and video Sh225,000

#6 KenRazy was a freelance artist before signing to Jomino at the time of
Tichi and now KenRazy is back to being a freelance artist after all the hustle from then.

#7 Tichi video had no hype before it dropped; KURA BURNDEM video has been having serious hype from early 2012.

#8 Tichi had one of the best actors like STEVE YURI; in KURA BURNDEM he is the main act.

#9 Tichi was the 1st song on KenRazy’s album “GI-RF KENRAZY” while KURA BURNDEM is the
last song on his album “GI-RF KENRAZY”.

#10 While doing Tichi, KenRazy had not recorded a follow up project which later
came to be “Whoop” but for KURA BURNDEM he has both KURA BURNDEM and the yet to be released SH2QA.

Check out KURA BURNDEM video below;

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