Controversial Writer Njoki Chege Speaks Out on Jimmy Gait, Blasts His Haters

June 07, 2017 at 11:33
Controversial Writer Njoki Chege Speaks Out on Jimmy Gait, Blasts His Haters

Controversial Nation writer Njoki Chege has crawled back from her hibernation to address a matter that has been one of the hottest topics for a minute now – Jimmy Gait.

Ever since he released his much-awaited single LOVE, that saw him address his fallout with the Internet and the kerfuffle that followed his most recent releases, Jimmy Gait embarked on an extensive media tour to not just popularize the song but also reinforce it’s message and also reinvent himself.

As one of the pioneer Gospel legends who has a string of hits on his belt, the Gospel icon has lately been faced with a somewhat malicious avalanche of trolling and mischievous online attacks packaged as “memes”.

The memes started off like a joke until, in Jimmy’s own admission, they became too hard a pill to swallow. And that led to that (in)famous breakdown on NTV‘s The Trend.

Now, Njoki Chege has also been following the conversation and has now thrown in her two cents into the entire matter.

Writing for the Nation, Miss Chege, who is notorious for her condescending attitude and perennial attacks on Subaru owners, stands shoulder-by-shoulder with Jimmy Gait as she cleverly helps him ward off the hate and the online bullying while also taking a swipe on Internet trolls who she refers to as a bunch of ” losers with an internet connection “.

Classic Njoki Chege.

Offering Jimmy some gems of advice, Miss Chege writes in part,  Listen. All is not lost. Your career is not over until the Lord says so! You have long and fruitful years ahead of you. The only thing standing between you and your success is the choices you make.

Go back to the drawing board. Be the Jimmy you were before the social media kerfuffle. I used to love your song, Tiga ni Ngai ningepatwa na muhadhara … You captured the imagination of Kenyans and you had the sterling reputation of releasing hit after hit……

Forget the social media bullies. They are just losers with an internet connection. Use the stones they throw at you to build a new foundation for the bright gospel career ahead of you….”

Well, kind words from a woman more famous for literal acid than honey.

Check out the whole article HERE.

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