Did you know that Bob Marley shaved off his dreadlocks weeks before death?

September 10, 2012 at 11:48

A lot of things go unsaid and uncovered ,especially after death of an icon (doesn’t have to be a celebrity, could be a family member). As a real reggae fan, you might think that you know a lot about Bob Marley and what went on in his life before he died, but you actually know jack.

From when he started music up to the moment he died and what happened afterwards, this new documentary on Bob Marley’s life and family/families titled MARLEY, exposes everything. Nothing is left out.

The film is produced by Kevin Macdonald and was premiered last Friday (7Th September) in Kenya at the Starflix cinemas. What I love most about this documentary is the fact that Bob Marley’s life is narrated by his nuclear family members and very close friends, so you know that it is all factual.

Bob Marley’s last moments on this beautiful earth have never as clear as it is in this film. Nothing from hearsay and rumours. Everything hear is accompanied and illustrated by footage. Footage that the Marley family may have kept confidential until now. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Bob without his dreadlocks after the chemotherapy. This was the saddest part of his and his family’s life, and you can just tell by the way his children narrate it.

Hell, this documentary goes all out on Bob’s ‘clandes’. If you really want to know the facts about Bob Marley’s life, this is the film to watch.

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