The Elections has Given Birth to a New Mobile App. And Kenyans are Excited!

August 04, 2017 at 14:35
The Elections has Given Birth to a New Mobile App. And Kenyans are Excited!

As the elections hit the homestretch, and every politician is out there trying to scoop up as much votes as is humanly possible, wizards of all nature have also cropped up with amazing inventions to keep the public abreast with the hype.

And even though Kenya is till very far from the Silicon Valley, which is the home of all advanced technology, we have our own brilliant minds at home who have decided to let their brilliance shine through the murky national politics.

A mobile app named Uhuruto has already been developed and created and it’s already catching fire fast as supporters of the Jubilee Party download it in troves to keep up with the blitz.

Simple and very straightforward, the App includes several sections among them a section that highlights the Jubilee Government’s successes so far, their promises for the next term, the Uhuruto journey to power, their bios and even a chat section where supporters can chat online and have an animated conversation around their preferred leaders.

The App is already up on Google Play Store and it’s promising to be one of the most downloaded Apps in the next few weeks as the elections heat up.

Aside from the madness, the hate, the bile and the tribalism that has turned our social media into a warzone, at least some gentleman has come up with something brilliant from all the scrum… And without having to resort to infantile outbursts against the opponents online.

Check it out and VOTE wisely.

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