Full list of the ladies smashed by Willy Paul

December 14, 2016 at 11:01

Sadly Willy Paul is among the successful celebrity who never struggle to attract ladies their way as the fame and money they have already plays that part for them.

Well he might be a gospel artist but man Willy Pozzee ametembea hii mtaa! He has managed to smash every chick he wants and might still be doing so on the low.


In the past we have seen a couple…wait, who am I kidding? We have seen the gospel artiste date so many ladies in the past and as expected waliachana tu!


Anyway by now many understand that the singer loves petite women, light skin and easy to take instructions..lol.. At his young age he also prefers younger women who range from 18-20 years. To qualify as a candidate I hear one has to send at least 5 unedited photos (bila filter) to see how hot one is even without the makeup.

With all the controversy the singer is however doing good in the entertainment despite Tiga wana making him look like a joker.

Anyway checkout the ladies below:






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