Here Is Ngina Kenyatta’s Number That Is Doing Rounds Online!

January 08, 2015 at 10:07

Yesterday a Friend of mine that we love to call “Hp” or Holy paul or any other variation of the initials “HP”- Called me and told me to get on whatsapp as he had some sensitive information to share with me- Initially, I thought he wanted to lecture me on abstract art or probably send me a pic of his latest painting. 

Eager to find out what he had been cooking up, I logged onto whatsapp with the usual annoying tirade of horrible group messages nearly giving me a bad fright, i scrolled down to his name and found out that he had sent me the phone number of the president ‘s daughter, Ngina Kenyatta! 

Alas! I was beside myself with excitement, here was that chance in a life time to confess my undying love to the elegant Ngina Kenyatta, I didn’t know where to start but in that moment of excitement, I lost it, A variation of an old classic tale of grass to grace leapt to my head- probably this would be my one chance in life to live a reverse Cinderella Fairy tale, maybe I would convince her to buy me a racy glass slipper or a nice pair of Jordans.. but first I had to talk to her. 

So I clicked onto the contact to save it before texting her.. “xaxa Ngina?” “mamboz” “Nimekumixx” and stuff like that. 

That is when I got the most  heartbreaking image of my life! 


The message ran “Wacha ufala! Hii sio ligi yako”- Don’t be silly, she is way above your league. 

I have heard that the prank has been doing rounds online especially on whatsapp  and many a people have fallen prey to the prank. 



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