Here Is Ngina Kenyatta’s Number That Is Doing Rounds Online!

January 08, 2015 at 10:07

Yesterday a Friend of mine that we love to call “Hp” or Holy paul or any other variation of the initials “HP”- Called me and told me to get on whatsapp as he had some sensitive information to share with me- Initially, I thought he wanted to lecture me on abstract art or probably send me a pic of his latest painting. 

Eager to find out what he had been cooking up, I logged onto whatsapp with the usual annoying tirade of horrible group messages nearly giving me a bad fright, i scrolled down to his name and found out that he had sent me the phone number of the president ‘s daughter, Ngina Kenyatta! 

Alas! I was beside myself with excitement, here was that chance in a life time to confess my undying love to the elegant Ngina Kenyatta, I didn’t know where to start but in that moment of excitement, I lost it, A variation of an old classic tale of grass to grace leapt to my head- probably this would be my one chance in life to live a reverse Cinderella Fairy tale, maybe I would convince her to buy me a racy glass slipper or a nice pair of Jordans.. but first I had to talk to her. 

So I clicked onto the contact to save it before texting her.. “xaxa Ngina?” “mamboz” “Nimekumixx” and stuff like that. 

That is when I got the most  heartbreaking image of my life! 


The message ran “Wacha ufala! Hii sio ligi yako”- Don’t be silly, she is way above your league. 

I have heard that the prank has been doing rounds online especially on whatsapp  and many a people have fallen prey to the prank. 




  1. Goodmorning my dear lovely sister,i hope i like to send this humble request to meet to share two to three things concerning your father voter before 17.Oct.2017 and about our future and i would like you to inform you dad to send something for the group of people what to support to vote by tommorow.

  2. hi interested to join you. mostly concerned by this date 17th am prepared to vote for your father. . $ pia atukumbuke sisi ma hustler njaa inatumaliza

  3. Hi ngina, i love your behaviour especially when you accompanied your mother to west pokot and enter a grass thatched house a thing rich people never do. great work. Never forget us as marakwet community. tell your DAD we will vote you 100% as marakwets on 26. we love you.

  4. Christine muthoni muthuri : September 26, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    I like yu so much..wuld to c yu …yu inspire me…im from tharaka nithi county where we like uhuru kenyatta..ngina yur my role model i wuld love to just shake your hand ….God bless yu..we love yu from mashinani

  5. hae ngina,i lk all ur moves…bytha need a favour from u plzz plzz ..respond plzz..for God sake plzz

  6. Robinson Ogutu Mach : December 5, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    ujinga ndio tuacheni wenzangu we are all God’s creatures.She is not different with us.

  7. You deal with gold

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    Nsadie Aki sister pliz plz

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