“We are just friends and no longer together” Michelle Yola explains why she spent the night at her ex, rapper Prezzo’s house

February 16, 2017 at 10:37

So yesterday we all thought that rapper Prezzo and his lady, Michelle Yola were back together…However we all thought wrong. Nairobi Diaries star, Yola, has come forth to brush off the ‘rumors’ being spread by tabloid writers.

I a well detailed post, Yola revealed why she is not getting back with Prezzo. She goes on to add that despite the break up, there are times they will be spotted together since they ended their romantic relationship and not their friendship….yea right!

Michelle Yola

Michelle Yola

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She also compares the type of relationship she has with Prezzo to that of Bradngelina wich leaves me wondering whether she understands that these two actually have kids together and have never been caught in a physical fight.

we talked out our differences and we cordial and all but NOT TOGETHER.. we are not enemies.. things didn’t work out so what?it happens, ask bradngelina

Checkout her post below:

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