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¨Do more. Add value. Earn more blessings¨ Kenyan youth applaud Betty Kyallo for listening to their pleas

May 16, 2019 at 10:45
¨Do more. Add value. Earn more blessings¨ Kenyan youth applaud Betty Kyallo for listening to their pleas

K24 Journalist, Betty Kyallo has achieved milestones, as a single mom, entrepreneur and media personality as the Kenyan youth come out to applaud the beauty for her achievements.

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Fresh😍 Good day my people 💙

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Betty Kyallo has been enveloped in couple of nasty scenarios, whether her love life or business.

However, that has not stopped her from becoming who she is today.

¨Flair by Betty¨ beauty parlor has taken in a number of employees, dealing with hair, beauty and even barber, most of whom are youths.

Exclusively, Ivanna´s mum revealed that she has witnessed tremendous growth, one that she remains thankful for, expressing:

We have seen so much growth and I am very appreciative of my team for their commitment and expertise because that´s what has made us grow.

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Cheki huyo mresh😎 kashakuwa mhesh 😋

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In a bid to promote her business, the mother of 1 randomly shares snaps of the inside of her beauty parlor on a normal day and captions:

And fans and followers promptly respond:

The young CEO has seen youths get worthwhile employment and leaves a mark in the society of today where youth employment is a fracas.


¨Flair by Betty¨ is a 1-year old luxury salon founded by the TV siren back in 2018 soon after she exited now Susan Kaitany´s ¨Posh Palace¨ hair studio and spa.

The salon is located in Kilimani´s FCB Mihrab building that saw her cough thousands and eat into her savings.

Funny thing is how closely apart the 2 salons are located but the two hopefully let it all rest.

Betty´s piece of advice to those about to give up is:

If you have a heart beat there´s still time to achieve your greatest dreams.

Never give up. Keep going, hustle hard, keep positive people around you… and most importantly pray.






  1. Love u both!!,hazimaliziani nyasi!!bora nyoyo ziwe safi!!

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