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¨I go to South Africa to get surgery to prevent me from sweating¨ Lulu Diva confesses

July 31, 2019 at 09:48
¨I go to South Africa to get surgery to prevent me from sweating¨ Lulu Diva confesses

Kenyan MP Jaguar´s Tanzanian lover makes shocking revelations about her frequent surgeries to tame her sweat glands.

For her, she loves her skin dry and flawless whether on stage or on a random day.

The former Tanzanian beauty queen opens up during an exclusive interview sharing:

I go to South Africa to get a surgery to prevent me from sweating.

It will take a year and I have already gone once.

The whole thing will be over in January next year. I will go back for another treatment in August. It might take me three to four treatments.

A move she pins on her irritating pimples which drive her into fear.

I want even when I perform, I don’t sweat. Sitaki kutoka pimples. Ata nikicheka sitaki nikunjike kunjike. I don’t like that.

Hata nikitabasamu sura itakua imenyooka. Hata ukikunja haiwezikunjika.

The ´Mapopo´ singer further reveals that it is a mega-investment project but failed to disclose the figures.

It is very expensive. When I finish the treatment, I will tell you how much it cost.

Right now, I don’t even know how much it will cost. It is too expensive. I told you I’m a diva and I’m expensive.

When asked why she then decides to have it in the first place if it mints millions out of her, she maintains that her beauty is expensive.

It is something I did because I love beauty. Napenda niwe mrembo wherever I am.

Ni kitu ambacho nakipenda kiasi kwamba hata nikitoka pimple moja itanipa stress sana.

However, she cautioned masses to beware of a new-faced Lulu Diva come 2020.

In January, expect a new Lulu Diva.”




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