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¨It was all business¨ Ben Pol comes clean on Anerlisa´s DMs from Khaligraph, Harmonize and Shetta

March 19, 2020 at 10:12
¨It was all business¨ Ben Pol comes clean on Anerlisa´s DMs from Khaligraph, Harmonize and Shetta

Tanzanian music sensation, Ben Pol has come clean on fiancée, Anerlisa´s DMs from other artistes, which he now refers to as business-oriented.

The  award-winning singer had last year called out music stars: Harmonize, Khaligraph Jones and Shetta for sliding into Anerlisa´s DMs, seemingly trying to rob her from him.

The ´Moyo Mashine´ singer admitted that because of her impeccable beauty, men find it hard not to attract her attention, something the three artistes were trying their luck on.

Affluent Kenyan heiress, Anerlisa Muigai

Konde Boy came out in defense stating:

I felt bad lakini nikasema sisi binadamu. Mwanamke wa Ben Pol mimi nimemjua hata kabla hajamjua Ben, like three years ago.

New Twist

However, Ben Pol who accused the three artistes has come out to term the interactions with his beloved as business-oriented and friendly.

Disclosing that despite being lovers, they each also need their own personal space and their social circles.

Shetta is my friend and we had even planned to collabo. Maybe he had reached out to her to do business. You can´t prevent your lover to do business. You shouldn´t be the cause as to why your lover can´t wish someone else a happy birthday or happy new year.

Lovers, Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol

Further revealing that Khaligraph´s DMs to Anerlisa were but motivational texts.

I didn´t mind, it was just positivity.

Explaining how he came across the various artistes´ DMs to Anerlisa, Ben Pol stated that it was but through mere coincidence.

You might be just holding her phone and doing something serious or transfer something and in the process, notifications come in and you see people texting her. It is human. It is normal.

Sweethearts, Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai

The Kenyan-Tanzanian couple formalized their relationship mid-last year after Ben Pol went down on one knee for his affluent beauty and thereafter paid her dowry.




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