¨It’s a FAKE account!¨ Kush Tracey blasts female user impersonating her on Tinder

August 15, 2019 at 09:48
¨It's a FAKE account!¨ Kush Tracey blasts female user impersonating her on Tinder

Kenyan female rapper, Kush Tracey has come out guns blazing at a lady using her photos on Tinder.

The user identified as Maggie, aged 21, has apparently been posting Tracey´s photos as her own, on her Tinder dating app profile.

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Gotta be good to YOU first🙂

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The secular turned gospel artist has now made it clear through social media that she doesn´t search for love online. Therefore alerting Tinder users to be on the look-out for such fakes.

Feeling utter disappointment, she pens:

I AM NOT/NEVER BEEN ON TINDER😡this just came to my attention(via a friend)and apparently this “maggie” person is using my pictures as her own to look for friends with benefits nkt😡 I do not look for love/fwb or whatever online asiii and if you are on tinder and ever happen to meet “me” there just report it’s a FAKE account💯aye✌ ⛔HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF AND USE YOUR OWN PICTURES TO LOOK FOR WHATEVER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MUWACHE KUTUTAFUTISHA VITU HATUTAFUTI🚮


She is not the first and probably not the last to fall victim of such fakes.


Fans and followers who have also been victims of such or witnessed any of it share:

Tabia mbaya! The other day someone just opened his/her instagram acc with my sister’s name and pictures! This is wrong. And people should just man up!

And for the critics:

Just realise that you are a public figure and chill out! Ama pia akina Beyonce n the likes,wafunge accounts za watu wanatumia pics zao,,relax ,,ur life n pics are public,!


Nothing to worry about they use ur photos cause they are not beautiful


Kua mpole madam wa Timmy public figa n kusema nni, are u not proud umewekwa hapo



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