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¨Kama ni raha, tupe yote¨ Zari steps out in sensual 2-piece blue bikini dripping sexiness

April 08, 2019 at 11:32
¨Kama ni raha, tupe yote¨ Zari steps out in sensual 2-piece blue bikini dripping sexiness

From class goals, to money goals, to bae goals, and now body goals: Zari Hassan´s bikini photos leaves eyes glued onto their screens.

It is evident that Diamond´s ex, Zari tours the gym more frequently than many might have thought.

Over the weekend, she shares sexy curvaceous body snaps that speak sexiness dripping in water:

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Kenya´s one and only, MCA Tricky promptly responded urging the sassy beauty and brains to unleash it all:

Lakini @zarithebosslady nikuulize tu na si kwa ubaya! hii ya juu ni ya kazi gani 😂😂😂 kama ni raha tupe yote


The mother of five, looks nothing like it after sharing these curvaceous, flawless bikini photos, immersed in water.

She just flaunted her rides, her new King bae and the splash lifestyle she lives, but she tops it up with nature´s beauty.

The youthful Business woman steps out in a 2-piece blue bikini, legs slightly immersed in water, glimpse of her tattoo and wasp-sized waist.

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We live it once…… #Life

A post shared by Zarithebosslady (@zarithebosslady) on

The Love

Fans reacted with nothing short of love, admiration and ´ufisi´.

@zarithebosslady👸 ok to much sauce and yah ryt 🤩


Yani ukimuacha MWANAMKE basi anakuwa mzuri zaidi🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


All I need is a table juicyn beef, a bottle of wine with ur warm smile😉@zarithebosslady


Issa a whole MEAL😍😍😍😍… Stunningly gorgeous sis😘😘😘


Okay mama hark🦈 🔥🔥🔥🔥


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  1. Nowadays i feel like laughing 🤣🤣 every time I see her post nikama anataka respond from diamond… hahahahahahahaha the woman is still hurting, i pity the guy she’s dating because he’s being used to diamond feel bad🤣🤣 zari loves diamond she can’t hide

    • You are just another woman jealous of another woman’s success. She has clearly moved on and said so many times, why want to bring down another woman with your negative mentality. The only person who has not moved on from zari-diamond episode is you!

    • Wake up if you just followed her jana that’s zari diamond met 5yrs ago okruuuuuuu🤣🤣🤣 same lifestyle had only adjusted to swahili life ok bye

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