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¨Pambana na hali yako!Jealousy doesn´t look good on you¨ tables turn on Massawe Japanni´s hate

July 03, 2019 at 10:06
¨Pambana na hali yako!Jealousy doesn´t look good on you¨ tables turn on Massawe Japanni´s hate

Popular Radio Jambo presenter, Massawe Japanni gets trolled by Kenyans for criticizing celebrities posting private chats with the late Robert Collymore.

In memory of his kind and selfless acts right across the board, celebrities and personalities come out to share both good and tough times they encountered with the late CEO.

Right from Eric Omondi to Jalang´o to Larry Madowo and to Kenyan netizens at large, it has been emotional but worthwhile.

It has been without doubt that despite dislike for the organization he ran, Bob Collymore was a soul celebrated by many and whose life on earth has impacted masses.

Gone Wrong

However, radio host, Massawe Japanni gives a different vibe on the same, criticizing celebrities who are getting emotional on social media.

According to her, they are going a bit too far, and probably just trying to prove a point to the world that they are well connected.

She articulates:

So now guys are publishing private chats with Bob on social media?

NKT! Are you that desperate to prove association?

And strongly captions:

It was private…Pleeeeeease!!!

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It was private…Pleeeeeease!!!

A post shared by Massawe Japanni (@massawejapanni) on

Unfortunately, to her utter surprise, Kenyans are not taking any of it instead turning tables on her because probably she never shared moments with the late Bob.

Might jealousy be taking the better part of her being?

Fine, it was private, but these individuals feel there is need to share it all, to send a positive message to society, because Bob went out of his way for them.


Weee massawe weee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥sitakutetea ukitukanwa😂😂😂😂


@terencecreativeAta wewe twambie Kama uko kwa kamati yake ya wivu😂


I think people are only posting those messages (which are all positive BTW) to show the world just how kind this man was…

Which makes the rest of us learn from him also


Hi ni wivu uko nayo aki


Wee kwenda chairperson ya kamati ya roho chafu…. Tumekuzoea wewe .

Si pia wewe uchapishe yako na Obama idiot


If u never had private chat and don’t have anything to post pambana na hali yako


Reason for them posting is to show the impact he made in this country, he didnt care who you were…

pole he didn’t send you any private message, but jealousy doesnt look good on you


Let people mourn Bob their way.

Am sure if you had a picture of him or those chats we would be reading them now.!!!!!!

Enyewe nini husumbua wewe Massawe????😂😂😂😂Kuuliza tu.😄


@bobo_kinuthiahanakuanga na karoho flani kabaya.

You remember during the #playkenyanmusicmovement, she was among the first presenters to try and shut it down.

Betty Kyalo aki rap na khaligraph ikakua bado ni shida she threw shade at Betty..


Acha roho chafu!Nothing desperate, do you think you now hold PhD in maturity.

Do you fear facing Jeff Koinange? Larry madowo?


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣hiii post imeenda south mbaya.


true …ana karoho Ka wivu and it doesn’t suit her


Eissshhhhh🙄 people mourn differently…Wacha watu wapost,, infact Hata messages zenyewe sio ATI zilikuwa za kusnitch…

wewe inakaa hauna Cha kupost Kama kainterview hivi or photo za pamoja like other public figures😂pambana na hali yako prissssss👌


Its a way of mourning, let them post, we all mourn differently..

The only reason I wouldn’t post a chat with him is because there’s none. Rip Bob.





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