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¨Things like these are what is making men dump you¨ Andrew Kibe rants [video]

August 14, 2019 at 13:28
¨Things like these are what is making men dump you¨ Andrew Kibe rants [video]

Controversial media personality, Andrew Kibe distastefully pins the blame on women for being dumped.

The KISS 100 presenter was infuriated after a woman left his house with the bed unmade, after their bitter fallout.

And according to him, that just makes no sense.

In an Instagram clip, he scathingly laments about women´s behaviors that turn off men, who would have easily been their future hubbies.


I don´t care how long you have been at my house, whether it´s five minutes. How can you leave the bed unmade? You have slept there, eaten and shi**ed in that house. How dare you leave the bed unmade? Things like these are what is making men dump you. If you don´t believe me go ask a man who has dumped you before, why they did so.

Kibe believes that this is just uncouth putting in mind fact that house chores just have to be done by somebody.

It´s jot normal. Those dishes don´t wash temselves, the bed won´t make itself, the same way you cannot f*ck yourself. But what I can tell you is go f**k yourself because behavior is bullsh*t.

Funny thing though, is how ladies have previously been slammed for acting like a wife to a man who is yet to pay dowry.


Comment section

Well, his post has sparked mixed reactions and female fans have come out raging:

you are spreading and washing as who….tulia boss Kama its a one night stand ama friend for benefit…si pia wewe ukona mikono ume ziona ziko dirty do the necessary. hapo akuna Ku impressiana is getting goods na kutembea.


If I found your house clean well I will leave it clean but if it was a mess who am I to clean it ?? Aahh I clean your shit so u can bring another chic to mess it or I prove to you I can be wife material 🖕


haha, well spoken, huku coast karibu wanaosha dirisha neighboors waone ukipapaswa bila stress😂😋🔥


Actually i left my gal, ju alikunya na hakuflash choo, na ivo ndivyo nilimshow akanyage kubwa kubwa😆😆


I will make the bed on two conditions.
1 if and only if you put a ring in my finger 2. If I was the last one to leave the bed. You can’t twist n turn me all night and expect I make your bed too😂😂


Aiii hatuwezi osha😂😂never ever

Umedump uyo dem ivo tu😂😂ata ungem DM umchapie ii story one on one😂😂watu wanafua hadi nguo na wanaachwa 😏mjioshee nguo ama mtafute na housegirls




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