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¨We can no longer be friends!¨ Robert Alai cuts ties with members of the Boys Club

May 22, 2020 at 08:48
¨We can no longer be friends!¨ Robert Alai cuts ties with members of the Boys Club

Boys Club or Sexual exploitation club? This is a debate controversial blogger, Robert Alai gave his two cents on.

The media personality was angered by stated actions of the at least 10 gentlemen of the embattled Boyz Club that features among others, popular comedian and MC, Jalang´o.

Alai did not spare the gents who are reportedly all married except one, for their extra-marital affairs.

He did not even understand why Kenyans were busy discussing and negotiating about the issue in the first place.

Kenyan blogger, Robert Alai

This is in the light of having had a couple of female victims of the club, coming out public and confirming the reports, it just did not add up for him.

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The Twitter pundit condemned actions of Jalang´o and his Boyz as sexual exploitation and demeaning of African societal morals.

Is it #BoysClub or #SexualExploitationClub? We shouldn’t even be glossing over such issues.

Cyber-activist, Robert Alai

¨The videos are disgusting,¨ he tweeted. Adding that a couple of these men are his friends but it is the high time to cut any friendship ties he has.

Further urging employers and partners of the stated members of the Boyz club to stop doing business with them.

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Otherwise, they would end up liable of condoning such actions from these ´Beasts´.

I know these men and I have told them that we can’t be friends this way. Employers and partners of these BEASTS must stop allowing this to continue happening.

Robert Alai´s tweet

Kenyans on Twitter responded to the same, some saying that someday, these men would regret their actions.
Once the boys grow up, they will realize that was all ujinga
Another could not emphasize enough that such actions should never be glorified especially for married individuals.
Jalango & his club are not boys they are middle aged men in their 30s/40s who also happen to be married with kids…let’s not glamorize these beasts…they violated other people..they disrespected their families & dishonored themselves<< #jalango #edgarobare is a hero





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