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Akothee gets back to the farm despite the Doctor´s 2-week bed rest recommendation

December 05, 2019 at 08:54
Akothee gets back to the farm despite the Doctor´s 2-week bed rest recommendation

Ailing black beauty, Akothee who was prescribed a 2-week bed rest by the doctors, has decided bed rest is too much for her and she went farming.

Up on social media, the thriving business woman revealed that she took a walk to the farm, to ignore her persistent burning headache.

Despite the doctor´s recommendation for an MRI, she revealed that probably what she really needs is ¨a real Twa Twa ¨.

You so know I cant stay in bed, I took a walk to the farm ,to ignore the headache , shit this head is bursting , doctor recommends I do an MRI 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔, nini imeingia kwa kichwa 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Maybe I need a real Twa Twa AMA?

In another of her posts, Madam Boss revealed that she misses her fans and just wants life to return to normal and ignore her condition.

Akothee went back to her home in Rongo for bed rest.

However, she feels lonely and does not understand who she is going to battle with while there – because there is simply no one to give a headache.

Msinitukane pris, hata mimi nimeboeka, I miss you too👄 despite my condition, I am not seeking for sympathy, I just want us to carry on with our daily lives here on shoshomidia, hiyo bedrest ignore, you know you are my friends ,sasa huku nyumbani nitasumbua nani, ? Went to collect brayo and kevo 🤔😂😂

Walking back from her farm, she bagged herself two cassavas and proudly flaunts her fully-furnished home, commenting:

See Where I will be buried when that time comes 😂 I have lived this life for real 💪mwanamke singol ni kujipanga! Ujipange ama maisha ikupange, ama upangiwe chaguo ni lako ⛔





  1. tunamuombea afueni madam boss.

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