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Akothee to Nelly Oaks: Don’t dump me before you give me a baby

October 12, 2018 at 08:18
Akothee to Nelly Oaks: Don't dump me before you give me a baby

Singer Akothee has five children but doesn’t mind adding a few more. She recently made a public plea to her lover Nelly Oaks asking him to get her pregnant before they separate or something comes in between them.

“I hope you are not thinking of dumping me soon! Because I will definitely come with you @nellyoaks Don’t go without leaving a baby behind!,” she told him on social media. 

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Akothee has been sending different signs when it comes to her relationship with Oaks. She has always confused fans on whether the two are in a serious relationship or just fooling around.

Sometimes she claims she’s single while in other instances, she says she’s in love with the her manager. In her post she confessed to be in love and that she will miss Oaks in case they separate.

“How will I keep contact with you ?????, you know us women with our evidence ! We live your life with the baby till death do us part ? baby mamas are we there 
When I miss you ! I will call to tell you the baby want to talk to you “Baby baby talk to papa ????? , even a 1 month old jowadu ??women will kill me one day 
I love you honey @nellyoaks
WENYE MLIACHIWA SHIRTY PEKEE HAPO VEPEEEE ???? tukutane nyuma ya tent ya blue.” she added. 




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