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This is why Alikiba has warned his fans not address him as ‘god’

November 02, 2017 at 13:49
King Kiba

Tanzanian singer Alikiba has always been a favourite to many. This is because his music seem to have a big impact on them and for some reason they have given him the title of ‘Bongo Flava god’ but he is not comfortable with this.

This started after the singer shared new photos on his Instagram page after maintaining his silence for weeks. In the comment section, one can clearly see fans praising him for his talent and suprisingly for the very first time he responded by writing:

King Kiba

King Kiba

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“Naomba msiniite hivyo siwezi kuwa wala siwezi kukubali imani yetu haturuhusu kujiita au kuitwa na mtu yoyote ule jina la MUUMBA,”

According to him, his religion (Islam) does not allow any man to be given the name of the almighty since no human being can be compared to God.

He urged his fans not to address him this way and if they continue he will not allow such comments on his social media pages. This is just one of the many times we have seen Kiba show how humble he is and even though he knows that he produces good music…he still chooses to act like any other normal (kawaida) fella.





  1. Fans can be crazy

  2. Edward Kilonzo : November 2, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    He is right,they need to stop

  3. Ali Kiba is the king god is now overboard

  4. Tanzania fans are too extra this is another level of madness

  5. Its good he is asking them to stop

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