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All grown up! Meet MC Jessy’s handsome son!

March 25, 2020 at 11:50
All grown up! Meet MC Jessy’s handsome son!

MC Jessy’s son is no longer a small but a big boy who looks exactly like his father!

As many know, MC Jessy is not one to parade his family on social media; and for this reason not many know whether he has a wife or not!

TBT: MC Jessy with son and Pastor Burale with his daughter

So far he has been linked to dating two different women in the entertainment industry; and as usual the comedian prefers to maintain his silence in such matters!

MC Jessy’s son

Well, thanks to a video shared by Joe Muchiri just a few hours ago; we finally got a chance of seeing how big Jessy’s has become!

Well, last time the public got to see the young man was back in 2015 at his birthday party; but since then the comedian has been keeping his baby boy on the low like most responsible parents!

MC Jessy with his son

Dumps wife for Shix Kapienga?

A while back rumor had it that MC Jessy abandoned his wife and son to be with Shix Kapienga!

However this turned out to be propaganda! About breaking up with his wife, this was true and confirmed by Sleepy who went on to wish MC Jessy a happy birthday using Shix photo to pass the message.





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