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Andrew Kibe And Jalang’o Roast Each Other On Social Media As Beef Goes Haywire (Screenshot)

September 21, 2021 at 09:53
Andrew Kibe And Jalang'o Roast Each Other On Social Media As Beef Goes Haywire (Screenshot)

Comedian and radio presenter Felix Odiwuor and Andrew Kibe have not been giving each other peace recently. Their beef escalated when Kibe first criticized Jalang’o over ‘mtumba man’; who became an overnight celebrity for his viral videos while selling clothes in Kisumu.

According to Kibe, Mayau (Mtumba man), didn’t deserve to be interviewed by Jalas on his show. He added that the guy was just on a clout chasing spree and Jalang’o was supporting this.

“Jalas wacha ushenzi, whoever is producing the show for you anakutupisha mbaya…

“Jalas please stop being lambistic… ata kama ni kutafuta watu wanatrend, please stop!”

Jalang’o would later address the paramount issue and admonish Kibe to embrace Mayau’s unique way of selling women’s outfits.

Jalango responds to Andrew Kibes' lecture over supporting 'mtumba man' | Pulselive Kenya

Mayau aka mtumba man-Google

Bitter Beef

After their sentiments, no one seems to be stopping. Kibe posted a video; asking Jalang’o to address him directly instead of prevaricating his statements;

”Somebody sent me a clip of Kamene and Jalas in the morning. And they can’t even address me. Bro, use names. Hii game huchezwa na majina. It is sweet when you use somebody’s name…”

Noticing the video, Jalang’o went ahead to equivocate on the comment section as he wrote;
”Kumbe ilikufikia! Now you know why Jesus used parables! You were once a preacher I am forgetting! Haya nimeskia bro!!…”

It’s now evident that both Jalas and Kibe are not at peace with each other.




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