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Betty Bayo opens up about her life as a hawker

October 09, 2020 at 11:46
Betty Bayo opens up about her life as a hawker

Pastor Kanyari’s ex wife Betty Bayo has lately been entertaining her fans the ‘Akothee way.’ Well if you have been following up with the lass then you will understand that she is no longer the quiet gospel singer we all thought she was!

In fact, turns out that Betty Bayo is actually one outspoken woman with too much drama going on in her life. Just recently she revealed that both her children belong to the Knayari family; confirming that just like Peter denied Jesus; she denied knowing pastor Kanyari after his expose yet she enjoyed his company on the low.

Away from that… it is no secret that Betty Bayo went through a hard time before making it in the entertainment industry. Thanks to a post shared on her IG page, Betty opened up her life as a hawker in town. She went on to write;

Betty Bayo

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Commercial break from story za masingo ..
I #mamayao Today I want to share aka story on my journey of faith . One day I was hawking in town safaricom lines … that day the sales were so good nlimake 700bob was so excited coz I had a dream to work hard and buy a car but now 700bob utolewe gari wapi .. I took a step of faith walk in a shop that was selling car keys..

Dreaming big

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According to Betty being a hawker did not stop her from dreaming about the good life! For this reason, she purchased a car key to which she prophesied life to; hoping that her dream would be fulfilled.

Well of course it had to take some time before this could come true; but after years of chasing the life she always wanted, she met someone (Kanyari) who helped her achieve this.

Singer Betty Bayo and kids posing next to Kanyari’s Range Rover

Believe you me i first bought a car key as a step of faith its was a Honda.. I walked with that key dairly for 3 yrs .. I remember one day nlijichocha kwa mat by calling imaginary mechanic kumkelelesha eti kwanini hakunishow service ya gari was to take the whole day now I had to take am mat home .🤣🤣🤣 unfortunately simu ikapigwa na ilikua full volume and everyone laughed wakajua I was faking the call ..but that did not stop me from dreaming .. oibo people say …fake till you make it ..and the bible say faith without action is dead ..sometime faith make you look stupid but do not listen to people focused on God and your dreams.  Share your story of faith you might inspire a bro or sis somewhere…From shopping @thekidsbedroom




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