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Betty Bayo opens up about the nightmare of moving in a man she had only known for 3 weeks

July 16, 2020 at 08:53
Betty Bayo opens up about the nightmare of moving in a man she had only known for 3 weeks

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Betty Bayo is not shy to talk about her past life; now that she has fully healed from her previous relationship with Pastor Kanyari!

Just the other day, the mother of 2 opened up revealing that her ex boyfriend was the reason she bleached her skin; leaving her looking like 2 different people but still in the same body!

Well, Ms Bayo is back with yet another new story as seen on her social media pages. Turns out that back when Betty was still a young girl with no children or husband – she met someone and 3 weeks of knowing each other they comfortably moved in together!

Betty Bayo talks about skin bleaching

Betty Bayo’s big mistake

As seen on her post, at 3 weeks she had not learnt much about him; leave alone his full official names that remained a mystery to her.

Through her IG, the lady wrote;

In my past relationship i made mistake from day 1, followed by more than 1000 more mistakes Though I was still a Christian and still saved I moved in with a man 3 weeks after we met with no wedding or anything legal ata affidavit hakuna ,unlike the expectation of many ,nilienda come we stay sorry i mean come we fight 🤣🤣 I moved in with a man who I barely new his full mpesa names .everyday things were unfolding i dint keep the social distance I got pregnant kidogo kidogo .pregnant aaagain🤣🤣

Betty Bayo back to factory settings

Pastor Kanyari

Reading between the lines, you’ll understand that Betty has been talking about Pastor Kanyari. This is because he is the father of Betty’s 2 children; and the only man Betty has ever said to be married to!

Through her social media pages the lady went on to declare herself a warrior who did not die of blood pressure or depression – a clear indication that all was definitely not okay.

The rest is history i was forced to say i did a wedding then was naive .. nani hapa alikula mchele ya harusi yangu,??? Did I do my wedding in Jupiter ?😎😎,one day ill give my story maybe it will help or entertain some1 somewhere ,for those saying an still in love yes it’s true but in love with my future not my past if God was not a forgiving God i deserved to be in a Christian Jail ..if I dnt die of depression .high blood pressure then..i assure you am living to 100 and something years.. am vaccinated for depression #selfblogger #truthhurts #unfollow me at your own risk #ifired my English teacher I can do it💪#Godofonotherchance.

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