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“I birthed her in the bathroom alone” city says socialite Vanessa Chettle finally introduces her daughter

February 13, 2018 at 08:09
"I birthed her in the bathroom alone" city says socialite Vanessa Chettle finally introduces her daughter

Vanessa Chettle is a proud mum of a lovely girl, Anna whom she introduced yesterday. This comes a few weeks after revealing that her body had bounced back after giving birth.

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From her post, we however learn that she gave birth to her baby in her bathroom all alone. Well, I hear child birth is often too painful for first time mum’s, so I wonder how she managed to pull through.

Anyway Chettle says she will soon open up about the birth of Anna but as for now, the former Nairobi Diaries actress can’t stop admiring her baby girl.

Vanessa Chettle shocks fans

From the comments it’s easy to see how surprised her fans were especially after mentioning that she welcomed the baby alone.

Others on the other hand are already asking for the baby daddy’s identity but let’s wait and see if she will introduce him soon.





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  8. She needs to be delivered from demons. Watch or SCOAN deliverance Youtube videos

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