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Bitterness galore: Harmonize’s ex mzungu wife threatens to spill singer’s secrets on social media

February 23, 2021 at 12:17
Bitterness galore: Harmonize’s ex mzungu wife threatens to spill singer’s secrets on social media

Harmonize dumped his mzungu wife,Sarah Michelloti over unknown issues; but after the lass exposed him for being impotent- then I guess this where she totally lost him.

So far Harmonize has moved on with actress Kajala who is the current girlfriend; and word on the streets is that Harmonize is happier than he was before. The only problem is – he moved on with one of his exes good friends hence ruining an all time relationship between Kajala and Wolper.

Harmonize with Sarah Michelotti

Sarah Michelloti to ruin Harmonize

Well, judging from how fast Harmonize moved on – it only proves that he had been seeing Kajala on the low; hence making his ex wife more bitter.

Harmonize’s girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala

However it looks like Sarah now wants to pay back by revealing deep and dark secrets about Harmonize. This is because Sarah Michelloti was the closest ally Kondeboy had at the time when he was leaving WCB; and due to the hard times he was facing – he got to open up to his dear wife.

Harmonize and fiancée Sarah during his ´Marry Me´ song video shoot

Unfortunately some of this information will not only ruin Harmonize’s reputation; but will shed light to how he met, seduced and used the Michelloti family. Well, I smell trouble but since Harmonize is the one who brought this to himself – then let’s see how he will handle the alleged Italian mob family – Michelloti.

Anyway Sarah wrote;

Hello beautiful people! Please be sure to keep an eye on my page as on this few days I will be doing an interview revealing all the truth about the end of my relationship with Harmonize. Stay tuned for more information! Thank you all for your love and support through this time. Your mind comments and messages keep a smile on my face. 🌍👸




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