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“I cannot correct God’s work” Eric Omondi finally comments about his viral photo

January 25, 2018 at 07:33
"I cannot correct God's work" Eric Omondi finally comments about his viral photo

Comedian Eric Omondi has given many a reason to talk about his manhood. This is after he shared a photo parading his b*lls but according to him this was done unintentionally.

Though his caption says otherwise, the comedian has finally commented on the photo. Speaking to EDaily on phone, Eric Omondi cleared the air saying that he had no idea that fans would react to the photo.

He apparently noticed that the photo was getting too many comments and by the time he logged in, the photo had gone viral.

No, it (viral picture) was not intentional. I had innocently posted the picture and four minutes after it went online, I noticed that I was receiving a lot of comments on it. I logged in to check the Instagram users’ feedback. It is then that I realised that a part of my manhood was showing through my pair of shorts. For a moment, I was confused on what to do.

Eric went on to add that he thought of pulling it down but since it was something he couldn’t change, he opted to leave it on his gram.

I contemplated deleting the picture, but on second thought, I decided it remains on the platform. I cannot correct God’s work.

He has no regrets

The comedian however has no regrets for sharing the photo. He is actually happy that fans got to laugh and talk about it.

“The most private part of my body are my bones, and the whole world knows about my skinniness. I choose to overlook what online users are saying on Instagram about the controversial picture. I am a comedian; my work is to make people laugh. So long as my actions make them laugh, I am happy.”





  1. Susan wa kinyua : January 25, 2018 at 7:38 am

    Very true

  2. true erico


  4. Kuna gyaldem amedai ni photoshop maze

  5. Hosea wa Wamocha : January 25, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Its a Photoshop, anyway comedian remain comedian

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