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Catherine Kamau unveils new pregnancy photo from her campus days

November 20, 2019 at 18:23
Catherine Kamau unveils new pregnancy photo from her campus days

Actress Catherine Kamau has lately been making headlines on most tabloids thanks to her gorgeous baby bump!

The actress who is also a wife and mother to a handsome baby boy could not hold back her joy as she went on to confirm that she was pregnant with her second child just a few weeks ago.

Catherine Kamau pregnant

This came as a surprise to many since she kept her pregnancy on the low until it started showing. Her fans on the other hand went on to congratulate her for baby number 2 and of course her pregnancy glow!

Pregnant Catherine 13 years ago

Anyway, about 13 years ago Catherine Kamau got pregnant while in college back in Uganda and being young, the lass could not face her parents who later on came to learn that she was expectant.

Catherine Kamau pregnant

According to her, things were not so smooth since the person responsible for her pregnancy  did not want anything to do with her.

However, thanks to her supportive parents she managed to welcome a handsome baby boy — who is currently her favorite person in the world.

Well as for those who never got to see rock her baby bump, then below is a photo taken 13 years ago when she was pregnant.

Catherine Kamau




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