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City pastor steps in to help a family possessed with demons in Kagema after the police and villagers abandoned them in fear of being attacked by the spirits

May 30, 2017 at 12:13
City pastor Godfrey Mwigi

A family in Wanjerere, Kagema is said to have been going through a hard time after their home was possessed by demons which were not allowing them to live in peace.

Apparently these demons burnt down three of their houses and all their belongings leaving the family stranded.

Word has it that the family tried not only seeking help from the villagers but also the police. However, none of them came to their rescue as they all feared being caught up in the mess that would have probably costed them their homes or lives.

The DO, Chief and assistant chiefs were among those who distanced themselves from this situation as it had been happening for sometime now. They however resulted to seeking help from City pastor by the name of Godfrey Migwi from the House of Hope church Kayole who at last stepped in to help after they contacted him, hoping that he would cast out the demons bringing destruction to this family.

From the photos we can clearly see the shocked Villagers watching from a distance as the pastor and his team offered prayers of deliverance to the family. Well, word has it that the family is now living a more peaceful life since pastor Godfrey Migwi came to their rescue. Below are some photos taken during the pastor’s visit to the village.
City pastor Godfrey Mwigi

City pastor Godfrey Mwigi

City pastor Godfrey Migwi

City pastor Godfrey Mwigi




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