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Club Sands is the new home of Rhumba and Benga in Nairobi

July 23, 2017 at 12:19

When it comes to the Nairobi party scene, there aren’t many places you can enjoy some relaxing Rhumba songs.

That was before Club Sands came to Nairobi though. Located at Adlife building, just opposite Yaya Center( near Eastland Hotel), club sands has specialized in giving you the best of Rhumba and Benga music.

On top of that, they have got delicious African Cuisine & a very affordable rate starting from just 900 bob.

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Visit Club Sands this Thursday to enjoy a smooth night of Rumba with little stress and you will totally love the place.

Kama unapenda Rhumba we got a plan for you. This and every Thursday all roads lead to #ClubSands Kilimani!!!Rhumba sio…

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