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Comedians forced to apologize for parking probox in DP Ruto’s Karen Residence

May 17, 2019 at 08:27
Comedians forced to apologize for parking probox in DP Ruto’s Karen Residence

A recent photo showing a Toyota Probox parked outside DP Ruto’s Karen residence has sparked an online debate as Kenyans tried to figure out who came with the car.

Ruto recently invited Kenyan online content creators to discuss how they can cooperate on matters on content. That was a month ago but Kenyans recently spotted a Probox packed there and believe it’s for  comedians Propesa.

The comedians had to share a rather funny statement apologizing for leaving their Probox there.

In a statement, Propesa dismissed the reports saying the Probox belongs to them.

Here’s the letter 

Press Statement:

We wish to rubbish rumours that have been circulating on different media outlets concerning a white Toyota Probox that was spotted earlier today at DP Ruto’s Karen residence alleged to have been ridden by Kericho county MCAs.

We state as follows:- the said Probox belongs to PROPESA team, we had visited our uncle last week and decided to spend a few days catching up with family and familiarizing ourselves with Karen and Nairobi atmosphere in general. Is there a problem enjoying life around our successful uncle? He has not said we should go home, why should media try to antagonize us with our uncle?

We condemn with strong words the source of the unfounded rumours on the honourable MCAs from Kericho. The media should learn to confirm such stories before circulating.

We also apologize to our uncle’s family for causing agony to them by parking the car there. We understand it was burning picture and we apologize.

It was a mistake caused by Kiptangus who disappeared with the car keys and when the said visitors arrived it was supposed to be hidden behind the granary (choge). We are sorry and media should not try to give reasons why we should go back home. We arrived just the other day and we have not even known town well.






  1. Hilarious!😂

  2. hahahaha

  3. hehe!is there any problem with probox,to me is like any other nianze kuficha yangu kwa choge.

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