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Daddy Owen mourns the death of his close friend, Papa Dennis!

February 10, 2020 at 09:54
Daddy Owen mourns the death of his close friend, Papa Dennis!

This past weekend Gospel singer Papa Dennis lifeless body was picked from Ngara area after he allegedly jumped off from the 7th floor near the Jubilee Headquarters in Pangani.

Word making round on social media is that he had visited his producer to work on a new project; before storming out to and allegedly jumping off the building.

Daddy Owen with the late Papa Dennis

Police are said to have ruled this as suicide due to depression. His ex lover, actress Martha says she knew about Papa’s struggle with depression since they talked everyday.

According to her, Papa Dennis had earlier claimed that their were things and people after his own life! This was probably hallucination from the depression that he had been silently battling with; Martha Wajero told word is;

The late Papa Dennis

We talk every day and I communicated with Papa even in that fateful night and I remember him telling me he was seeing things and people wanting to kill him.

Daddy Owen mourns the late Papa Dennis

Among those who expressed their condolences to the late Papa Dennis’ family is Daddy Owen. Through his Instagram page the gospel singer mourned his late friend saying;

Papa Dennis with Daddy Owen 

When I first heard about his passing I rushed to the scene just to confirm its true.. reaching I found like only 4 people there and they pointed at a lifeless body which I had to confirm is Papa Dennis.. it was a very sad scene. Rest in Peace Papa Dennis. I will share more soon.🙏🙏🙏





  1. Daddy Owen mourns the death of his close friend, Papa Dennis! – VIP Celebrities : February 10, 2020 at 11:17 am


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